Art and Cultural Consulting

Our mission is to showcase the beauty in diversity and bridge cultural gaps through the art of craftsmanship and genuine human stories, fostering connections.


Having lived in over 10 countries, Kana, the founder of Kaikô born in Japan, has immersed herself in diverse cultures and communities. These experiences have led her to realise that the will to understand others is the key to foster connections.

Leveraging her extensive, authentic network and knowledge, Kana started supporting cultural and art projects, introducing her unique human-centred approach and authenticity, with the primary goal of connecting people and fostering understanding. Demand for her work quickly grew through word of mouth.

We are now thrilled to announce that Kaikô, backed by a team of like-minded and skilled professionals, now offers individually tailored curation / assistance for unprecedented and impactful projects. From brainstorming and conceptualisation to branding and execution, we aim to create meaningful connections that leave a lasting impression in everyone's heart.

  • Buddhism in Japan

    A beautiful collaboration with the talented Dutch photographer Marte Visser and the monks of Koya san, Japan in a unique cultural, art and photography project. Marte became the FIRST foreign photographer to capture such intricate details of Koya san!

  • A Story Behind an Artisan

    To foster connections with customers and showcase the life of an artisan woman, we collaborated with a Rwandan videographer to create a short film about Emillienne. In the film, she shares her journey as a craft artist with a disability, her experiences with her colleagues, her role as a mother who survived genocide, and her hopes for the future.

  • Bizen Art from Japan (coming up in near future)

    Sharing the authentic beauty of historically valuable Japanese Bizen Yaki Art in Berlin for those who seek handcrafted art that fulfills the soul and heart.