Founded by a Japanese curator , Kaikô is a premier brand, offering exquisite artisan-made interiors seamlessly blending beauty, culture, and empowerment.

United by a shared passion, Kaikô symbolises a beautiful collaboration between Rwanda, Cambodia, and Japan. This unique partnership made it possible to create handcrafted treasures that reflect the richness of diverse cultures and the beauty of unity.

High Quality I Handcrafted Basketry Bowl I Wall Decor

Infusing a Touch of Japanese Aesthetics Into Your Home

Our products are uniquely curated by Kana, the founder of Kaikô, who infuses her native Japanese aesthetics into our selection process. 

Japanese aesthetics are rooted in finding beauty in compassion, imperfections and the passage of time - wabi sabi. This timeless philosophy serves as the guiding principle for Kaikô. We hope you cherish the timeless elegance in every piece we offer.

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Qualities like morality, humbleness, simplicity, and naturalness are integral to cultivating true beauty. Muneyoshi Yanagi (1889 - 1961)

  • Culture, History & Humanity

  • Slow & Mindful Living

  • Fair and Direct Partnership

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