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In our modern society, where the abundance of products often fuels a relentless pursuit ofmore, leading to a monotonous sameness, there's a call for a shift in our collective focus. Instead of investing our limited time, energy and creativity in creating superficially different variations of the same, we envision a world where our efforts channel into crafting something profound—something that inspires cultural significance, compassion, and understanding for others. In materially blessed societies, we believe that those intangible qualities bring deeper and longer-lasting happiness than mere material possessions.

These values are deeply woven into the traditional crafts meticulously crafted by artisan women who embrace sustainable and ethical practices. They reflect compassion for both people and the environment.  Kaikô symbolises a beautiful collaboration between people and nature, as well as between Rwanda, Cambodia, and Japan. This unique partnership made it possible to create one-of-a-kind handcrafted treasures that reflect the richness of diverse cultures and the beauty of unity.

Through storytelling, talks, exhibitions, blogs, and more, we share the intangible essence of compassion and understanding embedded in our handcrafted pieces. Our mission is to cultivate a collective appreciation for the profound influence these values hold in shaping a more beautiful world.

Giving Back

At Kaikô, we take immense pride in fostering fair and direct partnerships with artisan women in Rwanda and Cambodia. Our commitment goes beyond commerce, as we strive to foster meaningful connections that inspire and empower both artisan women and customers.

Our founder Kana's journey began with a heartfelt encounter with resilient artisan women in Rwanda, many of whom have disabilities and are survivors of the 1994 genocide. These women are truly remarkable; they not only triumphed over their challenges after the genocide but also navigated through the challenges of gender discrimination, facing the dual burden of being a woman and a woman with a disability. Despite these adversities, through the art of weaving baskets, they found financial independence and self-confidence, making each piece a powerful testament to their strength and resilience.

What also truly inspires us is their collaborative spirit; working together and supporting each other becomes a powerful source of empowerment. They cultivate a collective strength that propels them forward with compassion and unity, qualities that may be lacking in industrialised fast-paced societies. Deeply impressed by their stories and the positive energy woven into every creation, our founder felt compelled to join forces with these remarkable Rwandan women and later established Kaikô. Kaikô is the celebration of compassion, connection, and humanity that our artisan women teach us through their handcrafted treasures.

Rwandan artisan woman weaving handcrafted basket I Kaikô
Kaikô ensures more than fair wages by eliminating intermediaries, fostering a direct and impactful collaboration that drives positive change. We also contribute a portion of our profit to the education of children from artisan families. In Rwanda, where they need $360 per child per year for school, encompassing books and uniforms, this contribution plays a pivotal role in overcoming economic challenges faced by artisan women, especially single mothers. As Nelson Mandela wisely stated, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." At Kaikô, we echo this sentiment by giving back to the children and the community, transforming your purchase into a meaningful step towards positive change. In this way, it nurtures a sense of pride, encouraging artisan women to persevere and consistently enhance their skills.

Your sensitivity and involvement are pivotal. By joining our journey, you become an integral part of a vision where each purchase becomes a catalyst for positive change—breaking down barriers and fostering a more connected and harmonious world. Join us in making a difference—one beautiful piece at a time.

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