Your home is a mirror reflecting your inner world.

Our Values

Connection with people, places and cultures deepens understanding of oneself and others, respects differences and empowers each other. We believe human and cultural interactions inspire people and open new doors leading to the life we want to live.

Authenticity is what we value most because only authenticity - whether that be items, people or places - has the power to inspire, empower and move us. We don’t compromise our principle for quick mass production or fast superficial relationship with artisan partners or customers.

Mindfulness is essential for the well-being of humanity in an extremely cluttered, fast-paced world. Our handcrafted pieces remind us to pace down, focus on what’s important and be free from the speed set by the outer world.

Compassion = Sustainability Sustainability has nowadays various meanings and the risk of greenwashing, but for Kaikô, being sustainable means respecting a small-batch production system that cares about people, materials and nature, and empowering artisan women and their community to maintain their sustainable production and lifestyle.


Kaikô means "serendipity" in Japanese.  

Why Kaikô?

We believe that encounters with new people, places and cultures open up doors, making our lives more interesting and worthwhile. 

Kaikô was born after the founder Kana chanced an encounter with dignified Rwandan artisan women and their powerful craftwork in 2021. Later, a similar encounter with a Cambodian artisan group followed and opened a door to founding Kaikô in 2023.

In addition to the online store, Kaikô embarked on human-centered and authentic cultural and art projects to better connect people and foster understanding. Through our services, Kaikô offers you encounters that connect, inspire and empower you. 

Meet our artisans

Our Logo

Kaikô’s logo is designed in the form of ultimate simplicity expressing the profound meaning of an encounter - two stars meet somewhere in the universe's wheel, translating that each encounter is a miracle. As the Japanese saying “Ichi-go Ichi-e” 一期一会 expresses, we cherish every encounter that may only happen once in a lifetime.

Our logo is designed by Chiayao Muse Lin from Aquspi Creation. 

The Founder

Founder Kana was born in a traditional Japanese household surrounded by traditional arts and crafts. Having grown up in bustling Tokyo, she learned through her Japanese Buddhist upbringing that simple, mindful living is the key to a truly happy life. As a curious globetrotter, she lived in over ten countries while working in the international law and development field. Various encounters across borders taught her that regardless of race, age, religion or culture, there is always shared humanity to be found.

Kaikô is her way of connecting people and inspiring a shift towards more conscious, mindful living where people value time to reflect and appreciate their surroundings. She is a mother of four children and a lover of history, books, and art.